Mother Earth Delegation

With Grandmother Jyoti Ma, Original People Leaders & Elders
Saturday December 17, 2022
2pm PST / 5pm EST / 11pm CET
Approximately 90 minutes

Join Shamans Directory Ambassadors Grandmother Jyoti Ma and the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations for this FREE Online Conference. Hear the wisdom shared by a delegation of elders who come with directions from Mother Earth to help us walk through these times of great change and into a new year.

This month you will hear from the following

  • Grandmother Luisah Teish (Lyanifa and Oshun Chief)
  • Grandmother Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook (Oglala Sioux Nation, Turtle Island)
  • Universal Mother (Bwiti Grandmothers from Gabon, Africa)
  • Grandmother Flordemayo (Elder Mayan, USA)
  • Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq (Elder Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland)
  • Mindahi Bastida (Otomi-Toltec, Mexico)
  • Tutu Manulele (Hawaiian Grandmother, Kaua’i)
  • Grandmother Jyoti Ma (Elder, USA)
  • Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
  • (Shawnee, Lenape, Turtle Island)
  • Randy Lays Bad (Oglala Sioux, Turtle Island)
  • Kurikindi (Kichua, Ecuador)

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About The Mother Earth Delegation
Collectively holding the wisdom of Original Peoples from around the world, the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations stands with and for Mother Earth, helping us to walk through these times of great chaos and change. The Mother Earth Delegation is a group of thirty-two Original Nations' elder and youth members from Alaska, Australia, Borneo, Columbia, Ecuador, Gabon, Greenland, Guatemala, Hawaii, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sampiland, Sweden, and Turtle Island. They have come together in answer to the Earth’s call to protect traditional cultures and sacred lands, and to live in alignment with original principles for the preservation of life on Earth. In accordance with ancestral protocols and guidelines, they stand up for the Rights of Mother Earth and Nature’s Laws, reclaiming their inherent sovereignty, and restoring their Original Caretaker roles of our sacred planet.

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