Meet Q'ero Paqos of GPS

Experiential In Person Training Retreats
Q’ero and Ñust’a Paqo In-Person Teachings
With Elizabeth B. Jenkinks and Wiraqocha Foundation
Costa Rica, Stockbridge, MA and Asheville, NC US
From 27 July through 20 August, 2024
The Wiraqocha Foundation, home of the Global Paqo School (GPS), is hosting three experiential in-person training retreats this summer, starting in Costa Rica, then in Stockbridge, MA and Asheville, NC in the US. We invite you to steep yourself in the worldview of the Q’ero and Ñust’a Paqos and receive directly the ancient wisdom and knowledge by their unbroken lineage!

These descendants of the Inka who live high in the Andes of Peru are here to share their technology of how to re-sacralize our relationship with Mother Earth. Sit in ceremony with wise loving elders, learn simple practices to communicate directly with nature, find emotional and energetic stability, recharge your energy, and restore your purpose. We are all responsible for the condition of the earth, and we can heal our human family through the love of Nature with proactive practice.

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Costa Rica Ñust’a Retreat
27 July - 03 August, 2024

Q’ero Teachings at Kripalu Retreat
09-14 August, 2024

Q’ero Teachings at Asheville Retreat
15-20 August, 2024

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