Mayan Cacao

11-Week Cacao Training Program
With The Mayan Wisdom Project
Begins Saturday September 09, 2023

Cacao is a sacred plant that has been used by the Mayans for millennia to create healing, well-being, and support in their communities. The mission of this Training Program is to put a great focus on authenticity and honoring the ways of the millenary civilization behind it.

The goal of the Mayan Wisdom Project is to make the teachings of this medicine available, while giving the floor back to its authentic teachers. To this end all of their courses are delivered by 100% Mayan Indigenous teachers - spiritual leaders, history experts, nutritionists, cacao farmers, and producers.

It is important to remark that learning the secrets of this medicine takes a lifetime. It is also not a secret that the ceremonial cacao industry is thriving. With that in mind, our mission with this 11-week program is not to lead you to believe you can become an expert of cacao in such a short period of time, but to open the doors to cacao's true journey and explore whether you would like to use this medicine for yourself or help those around you in the future.

Join The Mayan Wisdom Project for this 11-week journey of getting to know the sacred medicine of cacao. Prepare to get deep insights on the use of this medicine by exploring its spiritual, cultural, and physical context as you work hand-in-hand with top experts in the field, who not only know this medicine, but also carry its legacy and ancestry in their blood.

Programs have limited spots, to keep the group to a size in where everyone can have individual interaction with the teachers and the ability to connect with the other people in your training who are on a similar journey.

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