Made Prayer

An Artistic Spiritual Process
With Author Nate Long
Saturday February 24, 2024
8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 90 minutes

Shamans Directory Member Nate Long "Owl" joins us to share his new book Made Prayer. Nate Long is an Intentional Artist and community builder, who gains insight through nature, meditation, and journeywork, and whose creations are truly “made prayers.” His wide range of work includes labyrinth building, drum making, ceremonial events, music, writing, illustration, and mixed-media creations.

Used to address something bigger or deeper for an individual or the world, Nate’s work can elicit deep thought and encourages cleansing, healing, and blessing for individuals, sacred spaces, and communities while raising awareness and easing many discomforts. Made Prayer outlines Nate's process of taking prayerful intentions, then enhancing them and strengthening their manifestation by creating something creative and tangible as a symbol and tool of the intention.

In this session you will discover a new perspective on how to approach both the healing and deep spiritual interactions of prayer and the relationship to the creative process through the creation of sacred objects. Whether the prayer is one for healing, abundance, love, transition, or any number of needs, "making" prayer through crafting, song, ceremony, or art adds depth and power to the prayer becoming manifest.

We invite you to join us, to hear Nate share inspirations from his new book, and to see where Made Prayer might fit into your life.

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