Love Is A Frequency

Cultivating Love Under Our Will
With Joan Parisi Wilcox
Wednesday 14 February 2024
11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET
Approximately 60-90 minutes

Almost every spiritual tradition claims that love is the most powerful of all energies. Love in its various manifestations, is a spectrum of feelings, from tolerance to devotion, with a key aspect of cultivating love and “being love” requiring humility — seeing our own greatness and our weakness and then allowing that for others as well. Love starts inside of us and then we bring it to the world. It actually does not require an object or person of attention. Love is not about you and another person, it is about you. Then it is about you and another person, your family, community and the world!

The goal for all of us is to pause and really own the energy of love, not as we superficially think about it, but as a deep-down energy that comes from within us (and usually doesn’t come to us unless it first comes from us) without seeking or needing any kind of return.

In the Andes they have a beautiful concept which expresses this kind of love, Munay, or love guided by our will. During our time together we will focus on useful ways to cultivate love through choice and we will offer some energy connection exercises to send and accept munay from the universal spirit beings who are always supporting us. First, connecting with our own self-love, then with our ayllu (family and close associates), then with Taytanchis (god, spirit, creator).

The discussion will be not only about love in its many manifestations but useful strategies for cultivating it!

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