Listening to Spirit and Answering the Call

With Tricia Bennett
Saturday April 22, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours 

"We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are seeking has always been within."  ~ Rumi

Guardian Angels, Guiding Stars, Helping Spirits, Nature Beings, and all the names we use to call on the unnamable - the Cosmos, God, Great Spirit, Higher Power, OM, the Tao, the Universe, Wakan Tanka, the Collective Unconscious, these are just some of the names that we give to the voices that speak to us in times of stillness, confusion, and change.

Most of us are familiar with these voices and can recount, in detail, the times when we had the courage to listen and take a leap of faith or suffered the consequences of not listening when we knew better. The fact is, despite the profound and lasting impact these moments have on our lives, most of us don’t listen to these “voices of Spirit” until we are in a pinch and desperate enough to listen to a voice other than that of our own.

In Western societies we are taught to be self-sufficient and to rely on ourselves alone. This is tragically limiting from a shamanic earth-based view of our planet and the cosmos where everything is alive with wisdom to share. In these communities, children learn to listen to the wind and speak to the Spirits of the mountains and the streams from the time they are born. These voices guide them throughout their lives and are sacred and critical allies, offering a vast body of wisdom that extends far beyond our human limitations.

What could and would be possible for you if you allowed yourself to have regular and ongoing access to the wisdom and support of these living energies? In this session we will learn a daily practice for learning to listen and be guided by the voices of Spirit. We will see how this daily connection deepens with time and how, if allowed to expand, will guide you to the most authentic expression of yourself and the profound peace, confidence, and certainty of knowing that you are living out the destiny that you came here to fulfill.

About Tricia
Tricia Bennett comes from a European lineage of healers who taught her to listen to Spirit (and follow instruction), that we are not separate from nature, and that most all of the wisdom we seek is already within us. An addiction and trauma specialist by trade, Tricia spent 35 years guiding children, young people and adults of all ages to move from suffering to joy, to pursue their dreams, and to live lives that they truly love. In 2015 she was called to shift her practice to focus on supporting the healers of the world, who take care of us all, to cultivate joy and balance in their lives, trust their gifts, and expand their capacity for healing.

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