Keepers for Humanity

Constellating Wisdom from the Stars to the Earth
Co-created by Dr. Marie Mbouni and Jocelyn Star Feather
09-12 May 2024

Dr. Marie Mbouni and Shamans Directory Ambassador Jocelyn Star Feather invite you to “Keepers of Humanity: Constellating Wisdom from the Stars to the Earth,” an online event, inspiring you to be a keeper of humanity and welcoming you into a place where your gifts can expand and blossom.

Alongside Dr. Marie Mbouni and Jocelyn Star Feather, you will hear from many amazing speakers who hold the keys to tomorrow, including Grandmother Flordemayo, Grandmother Taiha-Moetu, John Perkins, Anita L. Sanchez, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Naba Iritah Shenmira, Cynthia Honores, Pam Montgomery, Ke’oni Hanalei, and many more!

During this extraordinary event, you will recognize that we are living in a time when miracles abound. Movements of change, revolution, and transformation are now aligned side by side with breakthroughs and awakenings, and events which we never previously believed possible, are now surfacing rapidly into the light.

This Keepers of Humanity event will help us to rise up from the old systems and structures that are breaking down, and take action in new and revelatory ways. Together we can construct a bright and vibrant future with its foundations solidly rooted in love, compassion, joy, and truth.

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