Inti Raymi

A Celebration of the Sun Live from Ecuador
Hosted by Itzhak Beery and Shaman Portal
23 June 2024

Shaman’s Directory Member Itzhak Beery and Shaman Portal enthusiastically invite you to attend a special virtual event in celebration of the Solstice, from the Ecuadorean shamanic tradition.

Inti Raymi, the festival of the sun, is a traditional celebration in the Andes that honors the Sun God, Inti. It symbolizes gratitude to the sun for its vital role, marking the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, and the start of a new agricultural cycle. The festival reinforces cultural identity and traditions, and reflects the Andean cosmovision of harmony between humans and nature, while serving as a time for spiritual renewal and purification.

This 7th annual gathering at the Shamanic Andes Summit will be led by renowned Kichwa shamans and wisdom keepers including:

Don Manuel Calazacon and his Tsachila tribal family, Taita Yachak Don Jacho Castelo, Yachak Don Pedro Cabascango, Yachak Mama Maria Juana Yambrela, Yachak Don Raul Yambrela, Dona Zumac Cuilla Taco Ortiz, Medicine man Jose Zambrano, Taita Yachak Itzhak Beery, and others.

A recording will be available for all ticket holders for 30 days.

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