Icaros & Medicine Music

With Maestro Darío Poletti & Claudio Kutzwor
26-28 July 2024, El Cielo de la Vera (Extremadura), Spain
02-04 August 2024, Bulgaria

Amazonian Indigenous peoples preserve a rich oral tradition of ceremonial songs inspired by their relationship with Master Plants such as Ayahuasca. Icaros are sacred medicine songs that are channeled, received, and interpreted as an accompaniment to healing ceremonies with sacred medicine plants. These musical prayers embody the powers of the spirits of plants, animals, deities, ancestors and elemental forces, and are used to harmonize the experience of expanded states of consciousness, and offer the healing that is directed to each participant.

Join the upcoming Icaros & Medicine Music workshops with Maestro Darío Poletti and Claudio Kutzwor in Spain or Bulgaria, and learn first hand from their wisdom, knowledge, and experience about Icaros in ceremonial space.

Darío Poletti is a musician and composer with over 25 years of experience, contributing to his own music and accompanying the work of various facilitators from around the world in the ceremonial context of Master Plants.

Claudio Kutzwor has dedicated over 30 years to the practices of Indigenous medicines, ancestral wisdom, and psychotherapy. He is one of the pioneers of bringing the traditional work of Master Plants from the Amazon to the Western world.

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