Icaros and Medicine Music

In person with Maestro Dario Poletti
Cielo de la Vera, in Extremadura, Spain
August 4-6, 2023
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Icaros, or ikaros, are songs that are interpreted as an accompaniment to healing ceremonies with sacred plants. They are musical prayers that embody the powers of the spirits of plants and animals, deities, ancestors and elemental forces. Channeled into this reality by healers, they are used as effective healing agents, powerful spiritual tools, or creators of ineffable kingdoms.

Each icaro is unique, responding to certain techniques of interpretation, singing, voice emission and breathing, as well as certain rhythmic patterns, musical scales, formal structures, and poetic themes, to guarantee real compliance with its harmonizing and healing purpose.

Darío Poletti is a musician and composer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his workshops, he shares knowledge and experience that he has gathered over 25 years of contributing his own music and accompanying the work of various facilitators in the ceremonial context of Master Plants. Maestros include: Emerson Jackson (Navajo Nation), Alonso del Río (Peru), Sacha Domenech (Argentina ), among others. Much of his inspiration comes from the work of retreats and diets carried out in the hills of the Argentine Northwest. In the ceremonial context, in addition to his own singing, he uses a multiplicity of sounds from different parts of the world including: kalimbas, sikus, African udu, charango, ronroco, and native flutes. His singing includes his own compositions and also innumerable traditional ikaros used in the Amazon jungle. Dario's music can easily be found wherever you listen online.

This training is for you if …

  • You want to learn how to use your voice in therapeutic and ceremonial contexts and as a vehicle for ancestral reconnection
  • You are an organizer, facilitator or attend Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • You are a therapist or a student of integrative therapies
  • You want to deepen the knowledge about the effect of your voice to harmonize and accompany processes
  • You wish to open up to the ritual and ceremonial space to experience sound and song as a healing tool
  • You want to be a channel of the intuitive and ancestral songs and use them intentionally and responsibly
  • You want to discover your own voice.

No previous experience is required.

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