Hummingbird Gratitude Event

With Eva Tree Blum
Saturday May 13, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

Please join Shaman’s Directory Member Eva Tree in a co-created hummingbird gratitude ceremony. In reverence and sacred play, we will honor and celebrate our courageous and mighty pollinators and their vast contribution to humanity and the web of life.

In tribal legends across the Americas, hummingbird is portrayed as a Spirit being who connects us with the ancestral realms and often plays the important role of messenger from the afterworld. The ancient Mayan’s believed that the hummingbird was the “sun in disguise” appearing in hummingbird form to court the moon. Today Hummingbird is a clan animal in some Turtle Island (North American) cultures including the Pueblo of New Mexico and some Northwest Coastal tribes as well.

In addition to being the star of magic and mythology, hummingbirds also play a vital role in the physical realm as amazingly adapted and vital pollinators. Their long, slender bills and tube-like tongues drink up to two times their body weight in flower nectars per day; moving from plant to plant, pollinating native wildflowers and seasonal gardens; while eating mosquitoes and other tiny insects in mid-air for protein along the way!

Together, we will embark on a guided journey to celebrate our beloved pollinators who flutter, forage and creep from plant to plant. Activate your body temple with buzzing and song. Become more spacious and alive as we deepen our roots and blossom with our inner garden. Be in greater sacred reciprocity with Pachamama and our pollinator kin. Add our prayers and intentions towards the web of life and a vibrant future with Mother Earth.

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