Frequency Alchemy

Frequency Alchemy and The Ceremony of Song
With Eva Tree Blum
Saturday 10 February 2024
8pm PST / 11am EST / 5pm CET
Approximately 60-90 minutes

Join Shamans Directory Member Eva Tree for a loving and playful shamanic journey to amplify your highest frequency through sound exploration, mantra, icaros, and healing medicine songs.

In the Andean mystical teachings, as in many shamanic earth-based communities around the world, breath, tone and song, are practices of transformation, reverence, and activated prayer.

Medicine songs such as icaros, which are well known to the plant medicine community, are songs sung by shamans or curanderos as a part of healing ceremonies. Traditionally, these songs are performed with a combination of whistling, singing, and playing an instrument such as the rattle, drum, or flute.

Deeply buried within each and every one of us is a knowledge of life, hidden away or estranged from our consciousness, an orphaned essence, that through vibration and song, can be welcomed back into our hearts with unconditional love. Given the right conditions, this innate knowledge can come forefront, illuminating a bright new path of healing, one of authentic expression, creativity, and joy!

This mini workshop will be an invitation to sing and dance with our own living energy. We will explore the meaning and purpose of icaros, as well as how to trust yourself to receive your own sound coding.

Please bring an open heart, a glass of water, a flower, some incense, and a candle.

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