Fire Wisdom Dialogue

Illuminating Consciousness
With Global Indigenous Elders and Wisdom Keepers
Hosted by Paolo Morley-Fletcher and Atman Way
A 24hr Dialogue 24-25 June 2024

The earth, our world and our soul are on fire: What is fire? What wisdom does it hold to heal, re-awaken, and illuminate consciousness? What does it want us to know in these times, to elevate wisdom, to heal, and facilitate a leap in evolution and the birth of a new human-ness?

Within the space of a live ongoing 24hr dialogue, Elders from all walks of life will gather to catalyze earth wisdom from all corners of the world, into a free flow of shared meaning. As silence is the doorway to wisdom, speakers will give space and time for silence, and through it, let wisdom speak.

This kind of dialogue is a new way of being, a new compass for humanity where key insights can emerge, inviting us to embody new awareness, and inspire new action.

The event is highly interactive. Regenerative practices, coupled with parallel listening circles will allow you to contemplate and contribute to the dialogue field. Join us in creating a unified space to deeply listen, where we can reconnect to our sacred humanness and re-orient humanity!

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