Fearlessly Unraveling Our Over-Domestication

The Wild Feminine Beings of the Old Norse Traditions
With Evelyn Rysdyk at Spirit Passages
Saturday 27 July 2024
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET

Approximately 2 hrs

The Old Norse divided the worlds of humans and spirit into two camps. The Innangard and the Utangard. The Innangard was that which was “inside the enclosure,” lawful, orderly and domesticated (the world humans created for themselves, their crops, and their livestock). The Utangard meant “beyond the enclosure.” It was the wilderness, the tumult of storms, disruption, and all that was fundamentally unpredictable.

As a species, we have striven to eliminate the fearsome Utangard in life. In so doing, we have given our best efforts to domesticate as much of our planet as possible, to the detriment of ourselves and all of the other species who call our world, Home.

Shamans Directory Member Evelyn Rysdyk, Founder Spirit Passages is an author, a teacher, and a healer who has walked the shamanic path for over 30 years. In this session we will meet the remarkable female archetypes of the North, and learn how they can be our teachers and inspiration for re-wilding our spirits! Together, we will journey to the Iron Forest (YAN-vith in Jöntunheim) to meet Angrboða and shapeshift into an even more empowered and undomesticated version of ourself!

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Passcode: 08164761
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