Eco Shamanism

A Three Part Webinar Series at Shaman Portal
With Dr. Thieu Besselink and Itzhak Beery
10-12 July 2024

Humanity is at a critical crossroads in the face of unprecedented global challenges. These rapid changes demand an astute response in sustainable solutions, social models, and the place of technology. However, some of the most profound answers may lie within the mysteries of shamanism’s ancient wisdom and practices.

Join Dr. Thieu Besselink, visionary and Leonardo Award recipient, Amsterdam, and Shamans Directory Ambassador Itzhak Beery, author, shaman and Peace Award recipient, New York, in this enlightening online panel. Together, they will explore what the future might look like and how shamanic principles can offer unique insights into contemporary global issues.

Topics will include the intersection of shamanic wisdom and modern sustainability efforts, ancient practices as solutions to social challenges, shamanic perspectives on mass migration, wars, practical applications of shamanic principles in healing the nature-culture divide, and more.

This three part series promises to be a stimulating dialogue which will bridge the past and future, science and spirituality, and offer a transformative understanding and plan of action of our shared journey on this planet.

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