Dreams & Tracking in the Kalahari

Hosted at Shaman Portal by Chris Thurow
With John Lockley African Sangoma
Thursday 16 May 2024

Join Shamans Directory Member John Lockley, African shaman and teacher, for an animated discussion on his spectacular 'Dreams & Tracking in the Kalahari' retreats. These are the only retreats of this kind in Africa today, focusing on sharing indigenous African technology through teaching people how to connect to their ancestors, dreams and power animals.

John refers to his retreats as adventures in exploring inner and outer tracking. He teaches the inner tracking component focusing on ancestors, dreams and plant medicine, while his colleague Alwyn Myburgh teaches outer tracking involving interspecies dialogue, animal communication, and tracking. Every year they are joined by San Bushmen elders who take them on a medicinal foraging hike through the bushveld, the sub-tropical woodland ecoregion of Southern Africa.

A traditional African shamanic calling often involves an experience with a wild animal in the spirit world. John’s Kalahari retreats speak to this mystical tradition of animal and interspecies communication on a profound level. This special webinar will include a guided meditation with drumming and chanting in the traditional Sangoma way. Prepare to be enchanted.

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