Deep Listening Circle

Let’s Talk About Transformation
With Sacred Earth Activism (SEA) and Shamanic Voyages
Facilitated by Crow MacKinnon & Christa from SEA
Wednesday 08 May 2024

In these transformational times, many of us feel the need to express our hopes and fears, our dreams and wishes, our sorrows and prayers, but lack the platforms and places to do so safely, without getting into fruitless debates or arguments.

Indigenous cultures know that expressing and listening is a vital part of community. They practice a tradition commonly known as a Talking Stick Ceremony, which serves two very important purposes for the social fabric of the community. First, it gives all members of the community an opportunity to speak their minds or hearts, knowing that they will be listened to respectfully and without interruption, having an equal voice regardless of their social position or opinion. Secondly, and just as importantly, all other members are called upon to listen deeply, without judgement or comment, thereby strengthening their own empathy, compassion and understanding.

How do you feel about what is happening in the world and in your life? How are you affected? Do you find it challenging? Are you hopeful? Please join us at Sacred Earth Activism for this deep listening circle, using the format of the talking stick ceremony. This month we invite you to share on the subject ‘Transformation.’

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