Decolinize Together

Exploring Allyship and Indigenous Wisdom
With Dr. Alexis Bunton, PhD
June 21 through August 16, 2023

The Fountain and WAQAA LLC are proud to present the Allyship Program, committed to shifting our economies from predacious models to ones that promote flourishing for all. Facilitated by Mother Earth Delegation member Dr. Alexis Bunton, this program is designed to expand our understanding of how Indigenous knowledge can help to transform economies, strategize for organizational decolonization, and create allyship with Indigenous Peoples across the world.

Throughout the program, participants will have the opportunity to explore various topics in a modular format. Some of the key areas that will be covered include:

  1. Indigenous Peoples’ diversity, knowledge, and protocols
  2. Collaborating with Indigenous partners
  3. Understanding colonization and decolonization
  4. Learning from Indigenous economies
  5. Cultural and intellectual property appropriation
  6. Access to knowledge
  7. Organizational decolonization
  8. Science and spirituality

Discover the transformative power of Indigenous knowledge, learn how to be an effective ally through this Allyship Program, and contribute to the transformation of our world!

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About Dr. Alexis Bunten, PhD
Alexis co-directs the Bioneers Indigeneity Program. She has served as a manager, media-maker, consultant and applied researcher for Indigenous, social and environmental programming for over 15 years. Alexis’ areas of expertise include Indigenous economic development, organizational decolonization, and cross-cultural communications. After receiving a BA in Art History at Dartmouth College, Alexis went on to earn a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at UCLA. In addition to publishing widely about Indigenous and environmental issues, Alexis is the author of So, how long have you been Native?, Life as an Alaska Native Tour Guide, and the follow up anthology, Indigenous Tourism Movements.

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