Co-Creating The Emerging World

Sacred Lands, Sacred Waters, Sacred Stories
With Crow MacKinnon and Friends
20-21 January 2024

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Crow MacKinnon, Founder of Shamanic Voyages, invites you to join him this month at the Sacred Earth Activism Conference. The convergence of spirituality and Earth activism, with a primary focus on the protection of sacred lands and the cultivation of our sacred relationship with the land will be explored. Delving into the stories of Activists and Teachers from diverse spiritual backgrounds, they will reveal how their profound beliefs and practices serve as the cornerstone of their unwavering commitment to Earth activism.

Sacred Earth Activism aims to contribute to the positive changes that are needed during these transformational times by sharing inspiration, knowledge and teachings through talks, conversations, ceremonies and workshops, whilst offering an opportunity to form activist communities. Bringing together activism with the spiritual in a unique way, international speakers, visionaries, wisdom teachers, activists and project leaders share how they are actively involved in the change-movement, whilst being grounded in spirituality.

Time for answering questions, and fostering a dynamic and engaging exchange of ideas will be offered.

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