Clearing the Colonist Mindset

Telling a Different Story for a Healthier Reality
With Roberta Boyce and J. Dallas Gudgell
Saturday September 23, 2023
8am PDT / 11am PDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

In the coming time of transition it will be important for people to find themselves; to locate their own centers in a new way. The rules that we are used to change during times of transition, and the processes and methods for navigating the world that we have been accustomed to may fail to yield familiar results.

The time of individual-centric operations is passing. Community, cooperation, and collaboration are touchstones for our connection to the natural world of the future. We will need new tools to locate our inner selves, and at once differentiate ourselves while embracing and finding peace in the collective.

Through marrying Dakota cosmology with channeled information Dallas and Roberta provide a meditative container for investigating a ‘sense of self’ outside the restrictions of our current mindset; initiating an opportunity to view ourselves and the world from a more expanded, centered, and grounded place.

About Roberta and Dallas
Shamans Directory Member Roberta Boyce is the founder of Essential Sacred Self, a system that interweaves shamanic technologies, crystalline networks, and expanded consciousness to invite connecting and embody  potential. For this event, she combines her gifts with those of her colleague J. Dallas Gudgell, who, over the past 30+ years has served as an educator and life coach, and worked closely with elected officials on issues involving education, indigenous concerns, climate justice, human rights, and environmental protection and conservation.

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