Awaken and Activate Your Potential

With Roberta Boyce
Saturday May 27, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours 

A “Sensitive” from childhood, Roberta Boyce honed her gifts at the Prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London and deepened her Psychic abilities through courses in London and Egypt with The New Consciousness School.

Roberta is the founder of Essential Sacred Self, a system that interweaves Shamanic technologies, Crystalline networks, and Expanded consciousness to invite connecting and embodying Potential. Through concentrating on refining her knowledge of Meditation and Energetics with physical and spiritual energy practices, Roberta continues her own expansion in order to help other's with theirs.

By entering altered states through Guided Meditation, Roberta Boyce invites you to feel your body as an interface between the Heavens and Earth, a  point of contact between subtle energy realms and the 3D realm we inhabit. As you become a conduit for this flow, a relationship is established between the Self as a point of navigation.  A home for the sovereign sense of who you are is created, enhancing how you stand on this Earth, and what comes through you. The Infinite is your resource, relating to you, informing you, and supporting you.

This interplay of energy helps to open and seed Potential, which we come to know is right for us when we attune to Spiritual Guidance. Awaken and align with higher consciousness. Integrate, embody and express your Essential Sacred Self. All are welcome.

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