Aniwa Gatering

Waters of Peace
13-16 June 2024
Big Bear, CA USA

The Aniwa Gathering is a non-profit event bringing together 40 of the world's most respected Indigenous leaders and elders to share their wisdom over four days of cultural exchange, workshops, lectures, traditional music, rituals, and ceremonies. The elders will share their ancient ways of living in harmony with the natural world, calling in guidance and healing. Participants will learn how to develop a reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth and gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. Join the Aniwa Gathering to learn from unbroken Indigenous lineages and plant seeds for the next seven generations to come.

The theme of the 2024 gathering will be ‘Waters of Peace,’ to pray in honor of the memory of water and its incredible ability to carry information, cultivating that prayer for world peace and the health of waters and nations. At the heart of the Aniwa Gathering, a sacred water altar will be created, where elders will add samples from sacred springs near their homes. Over the four days of the Gathering, the elders will infuse these waters with prayers. As the event concludes, participants will be invited to carry a portion of these blessed waters back to their local waterways, allowing the collective prayers to ripple far and wide.

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