Andean Traditional Textiles

Lecture followed by Special Shopping Benefit
Center for Traditional Textiles, Cusco
With Nilda Callanyoupa
Saturday June 10, 2023
8am PST/ 11am EST / 10am PERU / 5pm CET
Andean textiles lecture  1 hour
Shopping benefit approximately 3 hours 

The history of Andean textiles stretches back thousands of years, to the first people who settled along the coast of what is now modern-day Peru. Long before a system of writing was developed, textiles were valued as the primary form of aesthetic expression and communication. Ancient weavers gave life to the stories and traditions of their people through original styles, motifs, and techniques that developed throughout the desert coasts and mountain highlands of the Andean region.

Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez, Founder and Directory of the Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco Peru was born in the small community of Chinchero. Like many other children she was responsible for taking care of her family’s flock of sheep and spent her time learning to spin and weave with her friends. As she learned more complex designs, she could see there was a powerful history behind the art of her people. Seeing that the art was slowly being lost, she embarked on a journey that would change the fate of Cusco textiles. The first person from her community to attend college, she went on to become one of the founders and now the Director of CTTC.  An award-winning author, international speaker, and expert in Cusqueñan textiles.

Join us as Nilda guides us on a journey into this rich textile tradition that continues today through contemporary Andean weavers who proudly continue in the path of their ancestors brining forward their magnificent symbols and patterns in communion with spirits of the nature beings of the land.

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Traditional and modern apparel including bags, backpacks, ponchos, blankets, table runners, vests, traditional hats (including Chullos), mastanas, dolls, earrings and special Pre-Columbian designs will all be available for purchase. Prices will range from $20-$700 USD with 100% of proceeds going to supporting the traditional weavers of Cusco, Peru who are working hard to preserve the beauty of these Ancestral textile techniques and pass them on to current and future generations.

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