A Deeper Dive Into The Medicine For The Earth Work

Taking Medicine for the Earth Work to Higher Frequencies for the Benefit of our Health and the Planet
With Sandra Ingerman
June 13-July 25, 2023

In her book Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins, Sandra Ingerman takes the reader on a remarkable journey through the history of transmutation, teaching us how we can use this forgotten technique to change ourselves and our environment. Proud of the results that have been accomplished, Sandra believes there is a way for us to move forward with the work to experience even more of the miracles that Isis and her other helping spirits say are possible!

This Deeper Dive Course is designed to explore the following questions:

  • Do you feel completely at one with Source?
  • Has Source guided you to how you can create miracles like Source does?
  • What is the vibration emanating from your mouth through your words, thoughts, and daydreams?
  • How deep is your transfiguration work? And if it is not deep why not?
  • Have you connected to your ancestors and descendants? Have you broken unhealthy contracts with them? Have you learned great wisdom from them?
  • How connected are you to the spirit of the land where you live, the elements, and nature beings?
  • Are you following the roadmap of the omens you are being presented with daily?
  • What energies are feeding with your daily practices? The energies you are feeding are creating the life you are living.

Are you ready to work from a higher place of light? To do this, Sandra says we will need discipline to bring intention, love, unity, concentration, focus, harmony, and imagination, taught in the Medicine for the Earth work, fully into our practice - as this is the formula for creating miracles.

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