Master Drum Maker Chuck Wilson

With Chuck Wilson and Wakan Drums
Saturday July 08, 2023
8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CET
Approximately 2 hours

In the Spring of 2019 Shamans Directory Member Chuck Wilson was given a vision of a specific sacred drum that would honor the Earth, the Tall People, all Tribes, and all of our Earth Relations and Cultures worldwide. In the last part of the vision, the Spirits asked him to create these drums. Presenting Wakan Drums at his first Powwow in August 2019, brought him tears of joy as many Elders knew what they were, thanked him for “bringing them to the Earth,” and gave the drums their blessings.

Wakan Drums are Sacred Drums. Unlike sacred ceremonial drums which are only brought forth for ceremony, or personal sacred drums that are kept much like a sacred pipe, Wakan Drums are to be shared by the Keeper with others so that many people can have the opportunity to “chat with Spirit” if that is meant to be. They are to be played, held, honored and protected as they are here to help many.  Wakan Drums give a one-on-one spiritual connection with the person holding the drum. Having an intermediary hold the drum and interpret the visions or messages is not how Wakan Drums work. You hold the gateway over your heart and see what happens!

Today, Chuck’s work includes creating Wakan Drums for people who seek them, helping people journey and interact with Spirit as they hold a drum, conducting drum healing workshops to teach what he has learned, and helping people take their first steps onto the Red Road or expand their path as practitioners. His mission is to offer as many drums as he can to the world. His passion is to provide opportunities for people to hold these drums, connect to their Spirit Guides and Ancestors, and begin to understand that Sacred Drums are their own entities, and to know that Spirits walk with all of us, which is quite a surprise for many.

Hear Chuck's amazing call from Spirit, and learn about the spiritual aspect of sacred shamanic drums and drumming. If you have a drum, bring it with you. This session will surely deepen your relationship!

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