Roel is the founder of the Anam Cara spiritual center in Belgium, which he runs together with his wife Griet Heylen. He began his shamanic training in 1995 when he was 17 years old and has been practicing under the guidance of traditional and Western teachers ever since. His trainings are innovative and filled with ceremonies and healing modalities given to him through his contact with the Spirit world. Healing and the opening of the heart are always at the center. He has been recognized by several traditional shamans for his ability to bring in very pure energies and tap into ancient songlines from the Spirit world. His work with healing songs has become an integral part of his teaching and healing work. He has been teaching shamanism since 2003 and has worked with thousands of people in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, and France. His publications on shamanism have been published in magazines like Bres and Change.

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