Puma was trained by his grandfather, the late Don Maximo Singona (known as “Papakay”) from the age of six, learning and mastering the traditions and rituals of the Andes in Peru. He exudes a passion for the ancestral Incan teachings and has a profound respect for Awakening Global Consciousness. He has attended and facilitated numerous international gatherings of Spiritual Leaders and Global Youth Leaders, and is featured in books and films about the Andean Medicine Path. Puma’s mission is to continue Papakay’s legacy by sharing the ancient teachings and the medicine of his ancestors in his own unique, inspiring and heartfelt way. An integral key in that mission is his vision for the completion of the Noqan Kani Global Community Center in his hometown of Chinchero. The Center will host and provide a base where anyone, locals and travelers alike, can come to study these teachings, keeping the timeless Andean ways, culture and nature-based wisdom alive for generations to come.

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