Lei’ohu Ryder and her partner Maydeen 'Īao, are Kumu Aloha (emissaries of aloha) and advocates for the indigenous soul in all people, blind to the labels (race, creed, nationality, ideology, etc.) that can separate us from experiencing the true nature of ourselves and others. Their love and knowledge of Na Mea Hawaii, help us connect with ourselves, with spirit, and be pono (balanced in right alignment). Together they offer their gifts of singing and songwriting, counseling, healing work, and ceremonies, all with aloha. Founders of Aloha In Action Lei’ohu and Maydeen are here to make a difference. They are dedicated to restoring dignity and balance for all life. Aloha in Action serves love, the commitment that lies at the heart of everything they do and is the foundation for all of their activities. When asked to take their time to think about becoming ambassadors for Shamans Directory, they said, “We don’t need time to decide. The world needs us all to step in. We are a yes, right now!”

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