Joan has studied the Andean Sacred Arts for close to three decades and teaches the tradition to students around the globe. She is the author of Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru and two other books. She has written dozens of magazine articles, been interviewed for podcasts and radio, and appeared in several documentary films about the Andean mystical tradition and metaphysics in general. Through her blog,, she shares the wisdom of the Andes. In the past, she has worked with frontier scientists exploring the “new biology,” including the human biofield. She has served as Mistress of Ceremonies and lectured at bioenergetic conferences in the United States and Europe. Joan has also worked as a freelance book editor for publishers, specializing in books on metaphysics and frontier science. She loves to explore at the boundaries of the known and collaborate with other curiosity-seekers.

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