Elizabeth is a Mom, Organic Farmer, an MA and MFT, and a 35 year student of Inka Nature Wisdom Traditions held by the Q'ero Nation of Peru. She is an international best-selling author of three books and the founder of the Wiraqocha Foundation (1996). The Wiraqocha Foundation serves as the US umbrella organization for Willka Yachay — most successful in creating schools in Hatun Q’eros, heart of the Q'ero Nation. In 2010, Elizabeth led a Discovery Channel film crew to capture never-before-seen rituals in the mountain temples of Hatun Q'eros. In January 2021, she founded the Global Paqo School to employ the Q’ero Masters and aspiring youth during the pandemic. She also co-founded the Q'ero Wayruroni Association in order to better serve the Q'ero communities in Peru. She resides with her yanantin (one of a complementary pair) Barney, on her organic coffee and macadamia nut farm on the Big Island of Hawai`i where she collaborates with Native Hawaiian elders and the magical Volcanic Island forces of Nature.

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