Don Mariano is the founder of Serena Anchanchu, Center for Inca Shamanism, and an elder in the Q’ero community of Charkapata, a Cusco province high up in the Andes. At an early age he became a Pampamesayoq apprentice. He is recognised as a Kurak Akulleq, a title reserved for the most highly esteemed healers, teachers and ceremonialists. He specializes in pulse reading, working with the feminine energies in nature as well as in the ceremony of Haywarikuy – ‘offerings to reach the earth’ – also known in Spanish as despachos. As a Paqo he heals through despachos and coca leaf readings, and is renowned for his expertise in reading a patient’s physical and energetic pulses. Don Mariano offers his precious earth-honoring spiritual and healing wisdom to a growing community of dedicated students from around the world. Wherever he goes, he builds community, brings happiness, opens hearts, and inspires peace, health and hope to all whom he touches.

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