Don Gino’s grandfather was a Yatiri from the lineage of the Incas, which was the highest level for a Curandero or Healer. He initiated Gino into the shamanic path at the young age of 15 and gave him the name of Chaka-Runa, which means The Bridge Man in Quechua. At that time he was introduced to the knowledge of Andean Cosmovision, Shamanism, and the use of Sacred Medicine Plants. Along his path following the Andean Ancient Shamanic Knowledge, he strongly felt the call of the Amazon and started doing Plant Medicine and Master Plants Dietas at the Munay Retreat in Pucallpa-Peru. Headed by Don José Campos, by whom he was further trained, Don Gino belongs among the Mestizo Maestros’ line. At the beginning of this lineage was Don Solon Tello, Don Guillermo Hojanama and Don José Campos. Gino travels the world sharing the knowledge of the Shipibo lineage, their practices, and Icaros.

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