Diana studied biology, human sciences, and psychoneuroimmunology at Oxford University and was awarded a post-graduate degree in environmental anthropology at UCL. She has worked as an anthropologist in Latin America, and a writer and researcher for international NGOs, charities, science journals and universities. Through her work in front line addiction, homelessness, and women’s services, she began to understand how early and ongoing trauma creates long term impact on human emotions and behaviour. Diana’s desire for a deeper understanding of the human psyche led her down a seven-year apprenticeship in core shamanic medicine. Through her own personal healing journey and developing a self-healing method for herself and her clients, Diana’s unique pathway of Womb Healing and Awakening was born. Her latest work, SoulRise, created with her beloved, is a soul-to-soul community and healing sanctuary for men and women dedicated to healing and creating conscious relationships.

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