Bhola is the founding president of the Nepal Shaman Association and is regarded as a world teacher of Nepalese Himalayan shamanism. He is a 27th-generation Nepalese Jhankri shaman whose tradition is based on animistic and shamanic beliefs that honor Mother Earth, the elementals, and the spirit that resides in all living beings. Graduating with degrees in cultural anthropology and naturopathy, he spent many years with shamans in the Himalayan area of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet, adapting shamanic techniques that allow him to be a “bridge” between ancient shamanic culture and modern vision. The author of two books, Bhola teaches traditional shamanic practices internationally, leads shamanic pilgrimages to Nepal and the Himalayas, and makes ethnographic, documentary films on shamanic healing to educate others and preserve traditional culture. His universal worldview is vital in preserving our earth’s ecology and bringing harmony to all things tangible and intangible.

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