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Meet Q'ero Paqos of GPS

The Wiraqocha Foundation, home of the Global Paqo School (GPS), is hosting three experiential in-person training retreats this summer, starting in Costa Rica, then in Stockbridge, MA and Asheville, NC in the US. We invite you to steep yourself in the worldview of the Q’ero and Ñust’a Paqos and receive directly the ancient wisdom and knowledge by their unbroken lineage!

Fire Wisdom Dialogue

The earth, our world and our soul are on fire: What is fire? What wisdom does it hold to heal, re-awaken, and illuminate consciousness? What does it want us to know in these times, to elevate wisdom, to heal, and facilitate a leap in evolution and the birth of a new human-ness?

Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi, the festival of the sun, is a traditional celebration in the Andes that honors the Sun God, Inti. Shaman’s Directory Member Itzhak Beery and Shaman Portal enthusiastically invite you to attend a special virtual event in celebration of the Solstice, from the Ecuadorean shamanic tradition.

Solstice Transmission

This month's Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere is about the return of the light. In the Andes it is the very beginning of the growing season. The sun is returning, to renew their communities and warm the soil to receive the seeds of new growth and creativity.

Talking Circle: Transcending Disappointment

Every Talking Circle is also a Healing Circle. We invite you to join us, to share your stories of disappointment and how Spirit has used these opportunities for healing, and to strengthen the work that you do in the world.

Story Telling Festival

Join Shamans Directory Ambassador and Global Grandmother Jyoti Ma in New York for three days of stories, prophecies, instructions, teachings, music, waterfalls, river swimming and spontaneous songs and storytelling around the sacred fire.​

The Power Path, June Events

Shamans Directory Members The Power Path School of Shamanism and Dr. Karen Ward invite you to join them for three powerful events in New Mexico this June.

The Veda Austin Water Seminar

Shamans Directory Ambassador and water researcher, Veda Austin invites you to join her for a FREE offering prior to being a featured teacher at the upcoming Wisdoms of Water Course at Advaya. Learn about the enormity of water’s presence in our daily lives. Drawing from decades of experience observing water through curiosity and reverence, Veda will invite participants to contemplate the intricate relationship between our physical bodies and the waters of the earth.

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