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Made Prayer

Shamans Directory Member Nate Long "Owl" joins us to share his new book Made Prayer. Nate Long is an Intentional Artist and community builder, who gains insight through nature, meditation, and journeywork, and whose creations are truly “made prayers.” His wide range of work includes labyrinth building, drum making, ceremonial events, music, writing, illustration, and mixed-media creations. We invite you to join us, to hear Nate share inspirations from his new book, and to see where Made Prayer might fit into your life.

Love is a Frequency

Almost every spiritual tradition claims that love is the most powerful of all energies. Love in its various manifestations, is a spectrum of feelings, from tolerance to devotion, with a key aspect of cultivating love and “being love” requiring humility — seeing our own greatness and our weakness and then allowing that for others as well. Love starts inside of us and then we bring it to the world. It actually does not require an object or person of attention. Love is not about you and another person, it is about you. Then it is about you and another person, your family, community and the world!

Frequency Alchemy

Join Shamans Directory Member Eva Tree for a loving and playful shamanic journey to amplify your highest frequency through sound exploration, mantra, icaros, and healing medicine songs. This mini workshop will be an invitation to sing and dance with our own living energy. We will explore the meaning and purpose of icaros, as well as how to trust yourself to receive your own sound coding.

Integrating Multiple Traditions

We live in a linear world, where most of us are asked to choose one path at a time and to follow it to a definitive end. We are asked to do this with our schooling, our careers, our relationships, our faiths and our societal beliefs. But what if we feel called by more than one path - or many - and what happens when we are faced with contradictory messages? Talking Circles are a place to address topics of importance within a community, and to listen and learn from one another in the traditional way of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. We hope that you will join us to learn from and be inspired by others.

Co-Creating The Emerging World

Shamans Directory Ambassador and Member Crow MacKinnon, Founder of Shamanic Voyages, invites you to join him this month at the Sacred Earth Activism Conference. The convergence of spirituality and Earth activism, with a primary focus on the protection of sacred lands and the cultivation of our sacred relationship with the land will be explored. Delving into the stories of Activists and Teachers from diverse spiritual backgrounds, they will reveal how their profound beliefs and practices serve as the cornerstone of their unwavering commitment to Earth activism.

Welcome 2024 In Ceremony

Bring your gratitude and intentions for the new year, and prepare to release those things that no longer serve you. Please join our global shamanic community to receive Wilbert’s special energy gift. Awaken what lies within, revitalize your being, and ready yourself to impact the unfolding of 2024 from a centered and energized state.

Celebrate the Sun with Solstice Events from 19-23 December 2023

At Shamans Directory, we are committed to making shamanic earth-based healing an everyday practice; free of barriers, accessible, approachable, and inclusive to all people. Each month we explore courses, events, travel opportunities, publications and more, to enrich your shamanic experience. This month, we honor the coming and going of the sun, by highlighting the Solstice events being offered by our Ambassadors, Directory Members and friends.

Find A Shaman That's Right For you

At Shamans Directory we are dedicated to bringing shamanic earth-based wisdom to the world's doorstep. If you are ready for a new kind of healing we invite you to make shamanic wisdom and medicine a part or your regular health and wellbeing routine. Please join our free live webinar.

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