My name is the Woman Who Breathes with the Singing Waters at the North Door. I am Algonquin, Metis and Polish. I am Bear and Buffalo Clan. My Spirit Colors are Blue, Yellow and White. I have always had an innate belief that the world is love. I have always walked closely with Great Spirit, wherever that led me. After 14 years in the social work field, providing Trauma Informed Solutions to diverse populations, internationally and in Canada, I returned to walk the Red Road and study shamanism. This has taken me on the most beautiful journey including the privilege to teach others the Red Road. My life has forever changed in the best possible ways, by witnessing others remember their medicine. As an Indigenous Woman, I believe in the prophecies of the 8th fire. I believe that we are in a time where it is important to share our medicines with others and so, I am so delighted to be responding to the call to the Sacred Fire as a part of the Shamans Directory Team. Chi Miigwetch!

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